Monday, February 1, 2010

Simplification Review: January

Can you believe January is gone already?? Wow. 1/12th of the year is done and I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree!!

There's no reason to do a theme or new year's resolution if you're not willing to evaluate yourself periodically for progress. So here goes my simplification evaluation!

#1 Simplify my material possessions

I really took this one to heart this month after finding the secret to laundry. I purged myself of 50-75% of all of my clothing and have never felt better!! I absolutely LOVE doing laundry now, and anyone who knows me can tell you that's a complete attitude change from before. What do I love you ask? I love that I'm no longer searching for hangers (now that I have less clothes, I have more hangers available). I'm no longer shoving things in drawers or squeezing clothes in my closet. I don't sit in my room for five minutes wondering WHERE I'm going to put the pile of clothes I just washed (which usually ended with me dumping them on the chair next to my bed) I actually get excited to do laundry now, because I love seeing how organized my clothing is and stays.

#2 Simplify my time

As announced, I did step out of Ladies Bible study. It was really hard to do, but it was the right decision. Simplifying the laundry has also helped simplify my time. I spend less time on laundry now that I have smaller loads. I do about 2 loads a day about 4 days of the week. It's very simple now and probably takes about half the time. Since my loads are smaller, they also take less time in the dryer. I was overfilling the dryer with was making it take 1 1/2 cycles to completely dry. Now it takes less than 1 cycle. Now if I can only find the secret to dishes! Anybody?? Got a method?? I NEEED one.

#3 Simplify my diet

I don't think I've made much progress here yet, but I have a post coming up that will start on this area soon!!

#4 Simplify my finances

We made a budget for January (and now February). Although we didn't "make" budget I felt it was a good guide and goal. I made a few tweaks for February and I'm looking forward to doing better this month! I started a "Want" list to curb extra spending and added a small eating out budget. Hopefully, these changes will be helpful.

#5 Simplify my parenting

I wrote out some actions/goals for Hayden (still working on Corbin's - watch for them later this week) and unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to do a lot in this area. The boys have been sick most of this month (and so have we for that matter) so we've been living in survival mode. One activity that we have implemented, and quite well surprisingly, has been room time for the boys. It gives me a chance to pick up the house in the evening before Mark gets home (without them destroying it behind me) and lets them learn how to play together. Other than the occasional squabble over a toy, they've been doing pretty well! This is definitely a much needed activity that has improved MY life tremendously, haha. Hayden has also successfully mastered using a real cup (not a sippy)!! Woohoo!!

All in all, I think I've made progress in simplifying my life. I've been intentionally about applying my theme every day.

How about you? Did you have a theme or word of the year? Or perhaps a New Year's resolution? What progress have you made so far or how has it changed your life?

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Shelley said...

heya! so for #2, put dishes directly into the dishwasher when done.... Rinse and deposit. When full, wash! When done, empty! Try not to just stick them in the sink. Takes just as long to stick them in the dishwasher.