Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Corbin's Goals

After writing Hayden's goals, I took a bit of time to think about Corbin's goals. After all, writing goals for a 19 month old is a little different than a 3 year old.

I must point out though, every 19 month old is different. In fact, I find that at this age in particular children are VERY different on all levels. One kid is running, one is just learning to walk. One is talking in phrases, the other doesn't say a word. So basically, to come up with goals I have to base my expectations on what I think he can understand verbally, as well as accomplish physically. No matter how bad I want to teach "manners", if he can't talk, there's no way he's going to say please (unless you teach him sign language).


Corbin has demonstrated the concept of understanding his name. So at this point I am working on first time obedience - coming when called. This is a big concept out of Mom's Notes that I also used with Hayden.


Corbin has a temper that comes out as hitting objects or knocking things over when he is mad. We have been working on correcting this for the last few months. He is getting much better, but still occasionally will knock things off the table. I do feel this is less of an issue though. And obviously, any tantrums would also be corrected.


In the past couple weeks, we have successfully taught Corbin how to go up and down the stairs unassisted. (Going down consists of doing a belly slide down each step, but it works). This was one of my major concerns since I've moved the boy's room upstairs.

We're also working on introducing more sign language since he's still not talking. He knows "All done", "more", and the more rarely used "Milk". I would like to add "help", "please", and "eat" so that we can avoid the communication frustration we encountered with Hayden. He was unable to verbalize his needs so he would just shriek. Very hard on the ears!

His spoon and fork skills have improved tremendously over the past month. He's actually getting quite good with the fork. Although, actually getting him to eat the food is another story. My biggest hurdle with Corbin is the limited variety of foods he's willing to eat. I am slowly expanding this, but it's a long uphill battle.


I want to introduce some more songs and do a few stories from his toddler bible. As of yet, he isn't much of a listener for book time. I'm hoping that will change as he understands more. He seems to like songs and books with hand movements, so I'll try to look for more like that. He is learning how to pray, and sometimes will fold his hands with the family at dinner while we pray.

Okay, that's it!! I try not to make the plans to complicated, you can only work on so much at a time!

What are your goals in parenting? Do you have any methods or ideas that have worked for you?


Robyn said...

Right now a lot of my goals with Evan are geared toward making the arrival of little brother a smoother transition. Accepting verbal instruction is a big focus right now -- for example, when he asks for his cup I'll tell him, "you left it in your room" instead of going and getting it for him. We're also working on little chores he can do: picking up his toys and books, putting away the clean diapers after I stuff them, and getting out his dishes for meals. Or when we're about to go somewhere, I'll ask him to bring me things I want to put in the diaper bag. Lately, he sees me packing the bag and starts adding the things he wants (toys, his cup, his blankie, etc.). Anything that means less hands-on work for me. Grocery shopping is another really big one. Anticipating having my hands full with #2, I'm trying to work with Evan now on acceptable behavior, boundaries and obedience in that environment so that it won't come so hard later. He walks alongside the cart now, and is learning not to wander off or take things off the shelves. Overall, I'm kind of pushing to find the limit on complex instructions I can give him... but so far the limitation is more his obedience than his comprehension. Working on that, too!

Another issue for him is dealing with frustration. He seems to have a perfectionist streak and gets easily frustrated when he can't do something just the way he wants it. Often that results in a mini-tantrum where he yells and throws the object in question. Definitely discouraging that and trying to remind him that he can ask for help, or choose another activity.

For manners, he's very good about please (signed) and we're still working on thank you. Also trying to teach him things like keeping his voice at an appropriate volume.

As for "God stuff," Evan showed an interest in books really early so about a year ago we started reading him a story from our children's Bible every night at bedtime. Just this week we finished it and are starting again at the beginning. We talk to him about listening respectfully because the stories are from the Bible, although of course that doesn't work out perfectly. He also knows to fold his hands to pray for meals and at bedtime, and usually picks up on it if someone else starts praying and will fold his hands and say "amen" when they're done (or when he wants them to be done!). I'm trying to encourage him to do more hand motions with songs, because he seems to like it when we do them but doesn't often do them himself. And he tends to find and pick up our Bibles around the house and he loves carrying them around and patting them, so I'm trying to teach him not to just dump them on the floor when he gets tired of them but to treat them with respect. I tell him the Bible is a very special book and he has to be gentle with it. It's pretty cute when I find him with my little pocket New Testament, carefully turning pages and saying, "Bible! Bible!"

Just the stuff I could think of off the top of my head, anyhow. :)

Ebit said...

I'm going to have to think about this one after the boys are asleep. For now, my major goals are encouraging my boys to love each other, introducing bible stories and prayers, working on manners and getting Ben not to throw things. I would also like for Ben to eat something other than grapes, cheese sticks, crackers, peanuts, and bananas. :)

Just Me said...

Oh believe me, I understand the food thing!!! Corbin has similar problems - so PICKY!!

Just Me said...

Those are great goals Robyn - and awesome that they are centered around preparing him for what's coming!