Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our New "Pet"

Plant day 1

Yesterday, Corbin came home with a "pet" or really a plant to water and care for.  We were instructed to bring it back on April 20th "no matter what the condition"...oh dear.  I hope this little plant doesn't follow in the footsteps of its predecessors in this house.  I really don't want to send him back with a pile of dirt - but I really do NOT have a green thumb.  I don't even know what kind of plant this is...I guess it will be a surprise, although I would hazard a guess that it's probably a bean plant.  I vaguely remember my mother killing mine when I was in school.

Things like this make me love my mom that much more, haha.  I swear I'm not a "plant killer", just forgetful.  We moms are human too!!  My first priority is to feed and water my children - and at least I'm doing that right...most of the time...

I will keep you posted on the impending doom of this plant!


Amanda said...

ha ha! That's funny! Just put it in a place that you tend to look at most days and you should be fine. If it is out of sight, it will definitely die. :( You can do it!!!

Just Me said...

Yes, I put it in the kitchen window hoping that I will remember to water it! Maybe this could be the start to a bright plant future for this little mystery plant!