Friday, April 27, 2012

Steve Lives!

So, you may remember me writing a couple weeks ago about our failed plant project - lovingly named "Steve".  As I predicted, my poor son ended up bringing a cup of dirt in for his final result.  But, I watered and cared for that thing quite well, and NOTHING happened.

Unfortunately, I had to send it back "no matter the condition", and so we did.  :( Boo.   His little "plant" traveled to school and back home.  I was quite surprised they sent the dirt home, but whatever.  So there it sat in a little ziplock back on my kitchen counter awaiting disposal.

Lucky for Steve, I'm a bit slow in throwing things away and in a miraculous turn of events, Steve has risen!  And he's a twin!  We now have two little seedlings growing.  I was just about to throw the cup out when I noticed them.

Hmmm...they may want to check the germination time for next year's plant project, as I don't think a week is enough for this particular seedling, HA!

All this to say....VICTORY IS MINE!!!  IT DID GROW!!!


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