Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Waiting Game


I spend four hours a week in the waiting room at Corbin's speech/OT facility, it's an interesting place to be.  

 I learn a lot.  Sometimes I'm bored to tears. 

Occassionally, Hayden drives me beyond the point of madness. 

More then a few times I've left there dragging one or more crying children. 

My children behave every now and then and I'm proud of them.  More often than not they can be found underneath the chairs while I'm on my hands and knees dragging them out. 

Heaven help the poor person that sits next to Hayden - they most certainly will have found a new chatterbox friend who will proceed to talk their ear off for the next two hours if they are unlucky enough to stay there with us. 

Most of our conversations (for two hours) go like this:

Hayden: "Mom, how many more races do I need to win until I can buy this car" (pointing at the Drag Race game on my phone)

Me: "Uh"...(check phone, he needs like 600,000 more bucks and races earn him like 100....), "like a million, keep racing"

Hayden: (after playing one race and earning 100), "Do I have enough now?"

Me: "No.  Keep racing".

Hayden: "How about now?" (x 500 until Corbin is done with therapy)

Once, I spilled my Route 44 Cherry Limeade all over their table and ruined like 6 magazines.

Very often, I see parents of the other children and thank God for all the blessings He's given our family.

At least once each time we go, my heart breaks for a mother struggling with her child.

And every session ends with an all-smiles Corbin exclaiming "Mommy!" and running back to me for a hug (and to sneak a sip of whatever drink I brought).  That part I like best. 

Then we play Frogger in the parking lot and I try to get both kids back to the car without getting run over.


Stephanie, the Candid Pastor's Wife said...

Wow! Two hours at a time!? You are super woman, girl! Good for you for being such an amazing mommy for your boys.

Just Me said...

Yes, I've learned to bring my phone (and charger) for Hayden's entertainment and I nice stack of Sudoku puzzles for me! Haha.

Jennifer Higgins said...

I don't know how you do it!! I had to wait a little over 2 hours once with Isaiah at a doctor's office, and I was DONE! Trying to fill out the paperwork and hold him at the same time (because I didn't want him spitting up all over the carpet and have the other parents look at my with that grossed out expression) alone was hard enough! You're amazing!!

Just Me said...

Babies and toddlers are SO much harder to handle in a waiting room! I am so lucky that Hayden is 5 now and gets into less trouble. He really loves video games and does fairly well keeping himself occupied. I remember those days of chasing little ones around the office while they screamed or cried or broke things! Those are the hard days!

Just Me said...

I will be honest and say there are hard days, like the day Hayden got his hand stuck in the automatic sliding doors...I went home and cried that day. But most days are pretty good.