Monday, June 8, 2009

Early Evening...Shoot Me Now

My least favorite part of the day, is right now...that 5-7pm time period.

It's the period where I wait for Hubby to get home. Generally, around 7pm.

It's the time where I HAVE NO CLUE what to do. Should I start dinner yet?

It's the longest 2 hours of the day...when is he getting hooooome?

I'm anticipating the arrival of "the relief" crew (i.e. my husband), and I'm on pins and needles waiting for him...of course it's never as early as I wish.

The kids are the crankiest. Tantrums flow unendingly, and no one seems to be able to HEAR MY VOICE!! No, stop that. Get down. No you can't have a popsicle for dinner.

Baby's tired...just have to stretch him till 7pm.

My solution?

Throw on some good salsa music, maybe some reggae for fun. Get the kids dancing before my head explodes. Stop looking at the clock. Start cooking dinner. Wine? Okay, well I wish - there is no wine in this house...or is there?

What do you do to get past the "witching hour" in your house?


TamraGirl said...

Hahaaaaaa! You just described our house, except add 4 more to the mix. Argh!
I agree with the music. LOVE music. If I'm making bread or something with dough, I give my toddler a piece to play with in the kitchen - he thinks he's helping.
I like to put the baby IN the kitchen sink with water and a couple toys.
It's survival mode time for mothers across the globe I think.

Amanda said...

This is also my least favorite time of the day and I don't even have any kiddos to deal with. I think it is the combo of waiting for Jer to get home from work which is ever changing these days and trying to plan dinner and have it ready before he has to go to class at 8pm.

I have not figured out how to get past it nicely yet...I hope to before we add kids to the mix! :)

Just Me said...

Oh good I'm not alone. :D

To add insult to injury, 5 minutes after I wrote the post the baby started gagging and spit up right down my shirt...yuck.

That was a new bra too..."and that's why we don't have nice things".