Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My new entertainment? The random things my newly speaking 2 year old comes up with:

"Happy Cake" : Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday, this phrase cuts to the chase by combining Happy Birthday, and Birthday Cake!

"Copcorn": Popcorn

"Train fall": Said before pushing the train off the table

"Feetsies Feetsies, where are ju? Tickle, Tickle": Said every morning when he runs into my room, hops on the bed and tears the covers off my feet before tickling me

"Nug nugs, Yuuuuuummmy!": Yummy goes with a lot of Hayden's favorite foods these days

"Shandy? Poo Poo?": We've recently introduced Candy (or Shandy in Hayden-speak) as a reward for potty training. Whenever he's in the mood for Shandy, he throws the potty card and squeaks out one drop for a Smartie (we just give him one, not the whole roll).

"Poo Poo?": Pointing at the freckles on my arms...uh huh. No, not poo poo.

"Shandy?": Picking up a piece of poop that had just fallen from his diaper as I was taking it off so he could "Go Potty". Apparently, Hayden thinks any poop - no matter where it comes from - is worthy of candy. No kid, only the poop that comes directly from your butt and lands in the toilet gets candy, sorry.

"Chair": Really means "sit" and is usually said while patting the ground expecting you to sit down with him.

"Bye Bye Banana": Said to his "Nana" (my grandmother) on the phone. Which is odd, considering he has never said Banana when talking about real bananas and usual says Nana.

"Corby where are ju?": Hayden pretends to look for Corbin, even though he knows exactly where he is.

"Shhhhh...baby sleeping": Also inserts mama or dada sleeping - not that he actually stays quiet or anything, he just likes saying that.

"Ouch": Points out every injury he's ever gotten and wants it to be kissed - even a few "fake" injuries find their way in

"Ooopsh, sorry": Hayden thinks Oops is the most hilarious word in the English language and will crack up anytime you say it. He's also picked it up for his own use.


Amanda said...

These are fun!! Glad he is talking more...that is such good progress. :)

And btw -- I love the new look!!

Just Me said...

Aw, thanks! It felt like it was time for something different! :D

LeftyMama said...

Hey, you've changed your look! Cool.

I love hearing the toddler-talk stories. So much fun! I've been meaning to share some of ours, but keep not getting it done. My favorite right now is when Samson sings one of his favorite songs and then says, "Dat's a rlly good song!" It seems he's a critic already; don't know *where* he gets that ;o)

I was showing Samson the latest pics of Hayden & Corbin and telling him how Hayden was his good buddy when they were younger. Samson said, "I wanna see Hayden!" Must get that reunion playdate going one of these Saturdays!

Just Me said...

Yes, I know Hayden would LOVE a playdate and of course I'd love to see you!! Let me know when you're free or what your schedule is these days and we can make some time.

Ebit said...

Hilarious! ;)