Friday, June 19, 2009

Telemarketers....oh my

Telemarketers - we all hate them. But at the Zavala house we get only one brand of telemarketer - the good cause donation.

And boy do we get it all:

The paralyzed veterans
The fire department
The families of firemen
The police officers
And the family of police officers
Cancer - all forms and ages
The homeless

I could go on, but your eyes would start bleeding.

And me, I always feel SO bad. I mean, yes I want to support the firemen, or the veterans, or whatever. But, no I don't have money to support ALL the causes that we get called about each week. We must be on some national "they give money to charity" list, because we are called for EVERYTHING.

And so today was another day. But this time instead of saying, yes I'll support with $50 bucks (plus mailing costs) I said no. I said no, because I've already said yes way too many times (to this very charity no less). I said no because I've NO money this month to spend.

And I felt horrible. I said no to the kids with cancer that just want to go on a last vacation before they die. Ugh. How's that to start off your day?

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