Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Errands...with 2 kids

For those with more than 2 kids - you're saints or super heroes - it's debatable - feel free to argue about that in the comments.

Somehow, our shopping culture is strictly designed around everyone having ONE child. My biggest fear these days is not - am I going to have any meltdowns? - it's - how am I going to do this with two kids?

My examples:

IKEA: Large superstore which actually tries to cater to families. Yesterday I head there with the boys. I wanted to eat lunch there - I actually worried over the logistics of what that would entail. I think I even dreamed (had nightmares) about it. I think I remember something about flying meatballs...anyway...

Like all stores - their carts only seat one. And I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old (on the 24th that is). They NEED to be buckled in to a cart, not running and crawling around like wild animals. So I bring the stroller - that at least seats two.

Heaven forbid I'd actually want to buy anything though - because there really is NO room for that - unless I balance it on my head.

Getting to the restaurant area was fine surprisingly. We usually have at least one meltdown at the kid train area where they have demos of their wooden train sets, but we passed by with hardly a whine. Now do I dare try to push a very long, difficult to maneuver double stroller through the cafeteria line while simultaneously balancing a tray of hot food on the sun shade? I'm thinking Moms across the world might frown on this - although we've all done it in some form or another. I draw the line at hot foods this significantly impacts my strategy for obtaining food.

Hayden is in stellar form these days, suffering from SEVERE separation anxiety. Luckily I'm with a friend who watches Corbin, while I take Hayden with me into the line. Trying to explain to a 2 year old why we're just waiting in a line and not doing anything, is pointless. He's busy drumming our forks on the floor - yum.

Balancing a tray with one hand while holding on to the back of your 2 year old's shirt, should be an Olympic sport. Not that I'd be good enough to compete or anything.

And that was a "good" visit. I've had worse, so much worse.

Babies R Us: Today we went to get the baby gate of all baby gates. An extra TALL gate with just vertical BARS, not those silly ones with bars going horizontal AND vertical - which any parent of a toddler can tell you they CAN and WILL climb at some point. Mark and I haven't had a full nights sleep in 2 months, since Hayden mastered THAT skill. After last night, I'd had it and decided to install the full prison bars, er tall baby gate. It's also a safety issue to have him running loose in the house at night (that's my PC answer). I'd also like to sleep again - I really liked sleep - it was good.

I think they should name this place "Baby" R Us, cause in no way can you bring multiple "babies" with you. Their carts are built for one. I had Corbin in the the cart, and a titan grip on Hayden's hand so I could precariously balance the EXTRA TALL baby gate on the top of the cart. Which, by the way, makes it interesting to get through the aisles. Hayden eventually figured out what we all do at that age - hanging on to the handles of the cart and putting your feet up underneath is a fun ride!! I just prayed he would not fall off as I kept one hand on his back, although I loved his ingenuity in solving my "shopping with two" dilemma.

Goodwill: Yeah - things are way too close together. I spent most of my time trying to stop Hayden from reaching his little hand out of the stroller and pulling all the clothes of the hangers. When he saw the toy section he had a complete meltdown - we left with a 1.99 wooden car...that the he then threw a fit over when I needed to pay for it. With all these little old ladies watching. I NEVER looked up as I paid and left. Yes, I'm THAT mom. The one who's kid throws a complete fit and STILL buys the toy. You can take away my mom of 2009 nomination (although I think that got revoked January 1st I'm sure). Whatever. It was a long day and there was no way I was going to deal with more tantrums.

Costco: I love his store. Carts built for two kids!!!!!!! If they sold what I needed, I'd never go anywhere else just for that.

Why do I feel like such an outcast with 2 kids? Isn't the average 2.5 kids? I didn't even have that extra half of a kid.

Kids Consignment Store: Yeah, uh I don't even dare bring kids in here. Way too boutique-ish and no way to manuever a stroller. Also, you need TIME to look when you go to these places because things are EVERYWHERE. And it takes me at least 5 passes around the store to find stuff. I call in reinforcements (Mark) to watch the kids while I go in this store. Luckily, it's down the road from his office. Unluckily, their phone lines are down and are only accepting cash. Man, if I was following Dave Ramsey perfectly, I'd be covered. So I send Mark to the ATM. HA!

Four hours later I arrived home - with two exhausted kids, one cranky Mom, and a whole explorer full of purchases (which were mostly diapers - next kid I'm going cloth).


Gail said...

Let's see a pic of the baby gate of all baby gates.
Why buy a not so good one, to then later have to buy a better one.
Maybe I will just shell out the money from day one.

Osborne said...
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the osbornes said...

This post is great! I was actually starting to get some twinges of baby fever, but I'm thinking maybe I will hold off for awhile... :)
And BTW, Ikea is sounding really cool! I wish we had one where I live.

(sorry, I was signed in with the wrong account first time I posted!)

TamraGirl said...

You tell it, Mama! hahaha!
Talking about shopping culture being designed around having just one child... a grocery store by us saw fit to provide carts with those children's cars built on the front (you know the kind) except this ALSO has a movie playing inside!! Ooh, so fun. Except how the heck would that work if you have more than 1 kid???? So now my kids have been traumatized by seeing those t.v. carts but never being able to sit in one. lol