Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who knows this stuff???!!!

There are some things that really should come with manuals - kids are no exceptions. They are one of the most complicated jobs you'll ever tackle, and yet not one shred of documentation arrives when they enter into your world. And no, I'm not talking about the basic care and feeding of a child.

Somehow there are all these...things...that you only learn after you fail a few times. Today was no exception.

I get a last minute invite to the park this morning which I gladly accept! This is no ordinary park, it has a wonderful water area with sprayers of all different sizes and intensities. Seems like a toddler wonderland to me.

So, being the super mom that I think I am, I bring all the essentials:

Towels - check!
Swim diapers - check!
Snacks - check!
Sunscreen - check! Although I end up leaving this in the car and mooching off my friend
Sippy cups - check!
Puffs for baby - check!
Stroller - check!
Diet coke - check!
Dry clothes - check!

Everything you need for fun in the water right? Uh no.
Apparently, seasoned water park moms know that the most important thing you can bring is not sunscreen, or towels, or even snacks - it's a bucket.

Yes, you read that right - a bucket.
Anyone who's anyone, has a bucket - and maybe even a few toy cars or fish to float in it. Because the water is just NOT the same without a bucket to fill with it.

Oopsh (as Hayden would say).

So the next time you take the kiddos to the water sprayer park, make sure you bring a bucket or you'll be forced to police your toddler from taking every other kids bucket the ENTIRE time and spend most of the morning explaining why they don't have a bucket and how you'll bring one next time...

Cause I just didn't know.


photo credit: longhorndave


T-Bone said...

i love the new layout on your page!

Just Me said...

Thanks! I'm loving it as well, all there are a few things I still need to work through - hopefully I'll have time to figure them out.