Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saving Money

So I'm slowly learning how to save money here and there in the grocery budget. I think I'm going to start documenting all the things I've learned here. No time like the present so, here's...

Money Saving Food Tip #1:

Make Your Own Popcorn

Ever since Amanda posted on making your own popcorn, I've been hooked - and richer! A bag of popcorn kernels is about a dollar and makes at least 15 big pots of popcorn. Beat that with that microwave crap - which is more expensive, not as good for you, and tastes worse!!

Okay, if you don't eat popcorn, this won't save you a dime, but if you do? Brilliant!! It also only takes 3 minutes to make - the same as in the microwave.

Only downside? You have to shake it while it pops. But maybe that could be a form of exercise?

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Amanda said...

This is so weird...this just popped up in my Google Reader this morning!! And it is dated for June 25th...totally odd.

Anywho -- I make the popcorn all the time too!! Love it, love it! It can also be a form of entertainment too -- J likes to laugh at me while I am shaking it! ha ha!