Sunday, August 16, 2009


For the first time in my life, I screamed in terror.

I didn't care how loud my voice was or how horrified I sounded.

I didn't think about who was looking.

I just screamed "No".

Hayden was messing around in the front yard after getting down from the car.

Mark was going after him, scolding him for not going straight to the door like he always does.

I was getting the baby down from the car.

And in a flash Hayden changed directions and headed for the street, at the same moment a truck was coming down the road.

I screamed. Mark yelled. The truck slowed down. And Hayden stopped at the sidewalk.

My body trembled at the thought - what if he hadn't?

I put my head down and cried those tears of terror and relief and fear.

The first time I've cried for what could have happened.


Robyn said...

*My* blood runs cold just thinking about it... ugh! So glad he's ok.

Shelley said...

My sister did the same thing in Chinatown (San Fran) when she was one or so...and we were on a family vaca. She was just following me and our cousin across the street, but we didn't know and Dad didn't see her until he yelled no or stop or something. First time ever in her life...she listened. By the grace of God. Yes, I got in trouble. Dad carried Leah on his shoulders the whole rest of the time. Ugh, I am so glad Hayden is OK.

TamraGirl said...

I always say, "another year taken off my life". Whew, so glad he's okay!