Monday, August 24, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Yesterday, Mark and I dared to take the kids to a Round Rock Express game. We had scored 10 free tickets so we took the kids and invited some friends along for the fun.

At this season in our life, it's either you brave the inevitable craziness that accompanies outings with the kids or become hermits. I choose craziness!

It was kids night and they were giving out free lunchboxes with the RR Express Team on them. Hayden was very excited to get his own "munchbox" and he's still playing with it this morning. I have a feeling I will eventually find it outside filled with dirt - as that is his favorite activity now, playing with dirt.

Corbin got his first taste of corndogs!!! He loved them and slobbered all over my corndog. I then got to eat slobbery corndog...uh yum. He also snagged a few sips of my Dr. Pepper when I wasn't looking.

We had tickets for the stands, but if we go again I'm definitely getting tickets for the grass. I saw lots of families there and the little ones were just running around having a great time.

Hayden really enjoyed the playground there - we stayed there for at least 3 innings I think.

Of course, there were tantrums...

Hayden decided not to take a nap after church and the game was at 6:05 - not a great combination. Add the heat and you have a recipe for tantrums.

We dressed the kids in cute baseball shirts/outfits they were adorable - I was so tempted to buy a T-shirt there for Hayden, but I resisted this time.

Hayden enjoyed popcorn and ice cream - and went through about 3 bottles of water. We spent way too much money on concessions, next time I'll bring more snacks.

By the eight inning the kids were at their limits as it was past 8pm, so we packed up and headed home.

Overall, it went ok and I'm glad we went.

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