Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letting Go

It rained tonight. Rain we've desperately needed. Well, I don't think it rained much at our house - but it was storming over near our community group, which is where we were at the time.

Tonight I hurried to the car because I had my baby in my arms, but it brought back another memory...

I was still in college, and had just gotten out of class. It was pouring and didn't seem like it would let up anytime soon. I didn't have anymore classes that day, so all that was left was to make the 45 minute drive home. The sooner I got going, the sooner I'd be home.

There was only one problem - that morning I had to park insanely far away from my classes. My truck was a good 15 minute walk from where I was. Fifteen minutes of torrential downpour away...

I had no choice but to just do it. I started walking. At first, it was uncomfortable - cold, wet, stinging sprays. I dodged the puddles and walked quickly. But, soon it became clear that there was no way I was going to be able to come out of this anywhere near dry. My jeans soon became soaked from the bottoms all the way up to my calves. My clothes were completely soaked through. And I still had 10 more minutes of walking.

In that moment, I let go. I let go of my need to keep dry, to play things my way. I took my flip flops off - which brought me another inch down in the puddles. I felt the water rushing around my feet. I pushed my hood back and felt the water dripping down my face and hair. I smiled. I felt the freshness of the cool rain, and it was almost cleansing.

I just let go.

I think there are a lot of times in my life where I could apply that same lesson. Letting go of what's behind. Letting go of what's ahead. Letting go of my incessant need for a plan. Letting go of my expectations.

The present is all I have. Right now. This moment. And I need to be present while it's here.

Photo credit: [jeremy]