Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hail to the King and then something disgusting

Hayden's antics are forever cracking us up. At church they've been doing a lot of kings and queens stories for the kids, this month we're on Esther.

Yesterday, Hayden found one of the crowns we used in the classes and put one on his head. Taking it on and off was complete with his own bugle sounds "Dum ta dum!" Each time he placed the crown back on his head "Dum ta dum!" followed. It was all very "royal".

And for something disgusting...

Our current high chair we've owned since Hayden was about 4 months old. If someone were to ask me if the seat cover came off I'd quickly say yes. But if someone had ever asked me if I ever took the cover off to clean under it, my eyes might quickly glaze over and if there was a screen on my forehead it would read (in big red letters) "Does not compute".

Somewhere in my subconcious, I knew I could clean under it - but it never really occurred to all.

The other day I was rounding up some crumbs Corbin had left in his seat when I noticed some crumbs in the cracks that opened up for the seat straps. Hmmm...guess I should get those out too. And then it hit me. Do I really want to look under that thing? I mean, uh, who knows what's under there...I haven't even peeked in 2 years. There could be gross food....or a monster!

Ewwww! Okay, it wasn't that bad honestly - it could have been A LOT worse with my crazy eaters. But I cleaned that sucker like a 9 month preggo nester on crack. And no, no preggo here - I'm currently on my period and bloated thanks for asking, you preggers really have it good - it's really not fair. Your kid is IN your belly, not smacking you in the face and yelling "NO GO!!!" at the top of his sweet little lungs while dropping kicking you AND you don't have a period???!!! Pfft.

So yeah, I cleaned. This coming from the Mom who just today plopped her baby into the high chair with this morning's peaches and crackers in the seat - what? He was wearing a diaper and that crap is gooey. I can't properly clean that up with one hand!!

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