Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natural Consequences

Today is of course one of those monster days. Days where Hayden doesn't nap. Days where Mark is on the phone interviewing all day - in Corbin's room so he can have some peace. Days where Corbin is waiting impatiently for a nap he needs but doesn't want. Days where Hayden throws everything out of his room instead of napping.

And where I feel like screaming and even do throw my own mini-tantrum when Hayden's train tracks keep falling apart while I try to "create" the perfect railroad. ARGH! Doesn't help that Corbinzilla is dismantling all my hard work behind me. At one point I do the 3 year old frustration tantrum and just tear up all the tracks when I can't get them to balance on those stupid blocks.

My former explitives now turned into child friendly-ish statements like "this is stupid!!"

And then God threw me a softball...

I had just finished up my lunch - leftover fries which were "loaded" with cheese, jalapenos, and other good stuff. I had placed the plate in the middle of the table so the kids wouldn't mess with it.

Hayden being "unstoppable" at least by things like table tops and things accessible by chairs let his curiosity get the best of him.

I look over to see him spitting something out and stating the obvious "HOT!"

"Yes, kid - jalapenos are hot."

And then I laughed.

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