Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Magic

As anyone who's talked to me this summer knows, we've spent quite a bit of time dealing with Hayden's napping and all things related. For 2 months after he mastered crawling over his baby gate we dealt with constant 5am wake up calls, random visits in the middle of the night, etc. It was horrible and we got no sleep.

At my wits end, I headed down to BabiesRUs to find the tallest prison, er, baby gate I could find. And I found it! Since then we've had loads of glorious sleep (minus the 1 month "brothers sleeping together" trial which has since failed).

And then...the day I'd been

Hayden was in his room "napping" hahahaha, or standing by the gate saying "Hi" to anyone who came into view. Corbin had just gotten up from his morning nap (why oh why can't he be an afternoon napper so I could get some alone time???!!) and was heading towards Hayden's room like usual. Hayden will hand him toys and such from the other side of the gate and Corbin loves this "game". Note this is a similar game to the one that caused us to end the room sharing experiement.

Today I was in no mood to constant move Corbin from the gate a million times and since I had some sewing I wanted to get done I said "Heck with it" and let them play "prison" or whatever their game is called. So Corbin happily played with each toy Hayden tossed over the gate and all seemed well.

Until...dum dum dum...out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw not one but TWO kids in the hall...uh WHAT?

I walked over and looked around the corner and there was Hayden out of his room and gate and playing in the hall corner, trying to go undetected. When he saw me, he looked up, smiled and said


Later both children decided it was time to attack mommy and her sewing much for that.

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Amanda said...

He's a regular Houdini, isn't he?!?!