Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Sensory Fun!

Last week I put this little sensory bin activity together and our occupational therapist loved it.  So I thought I'd share here.  Regardless of where your child is on the spectrum of development, sensory play is a vital part of their experience so this is a great activity for any child.

To make this you will need:

  • Medium or large size bin - I used an old pretzel tub.
  • Different sizes and textures of easter basket grass - all of these I had saved from previous Easters, I just tuck them into a ziplock bag and store for next year.  It saves me from just buying and throwing out the grass each year.  I hate wasting both money and materials like that!
  • Plastic easter eggs - the kind that open.  All sizes and colors work well and add more dimension to this.  Again, I save these each year.
  • Treats for inside the eggs.  I used goldfish, small toy planes, and plastic counting bears.
Essentially, this bin was absolutely FREE to make, which I love.

Fill the tub with the different layers of grass.  Add treats to the inside of each easter egg - I filled around 20-30 eggs.  Hide the eggs in the tub between the layers of grass.

Let them dig out the eggs, open them and enjoy!

This hits sensory and fine motor skills quite well.

Sensory easter

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Amanda said...

So fun! I love sensory play...I have started collecting things to make sensory tubs for Julia. All the easter things I bought (from the $1 bin at Target) will work great as easter gifts and for later one. Mini slinky, bendable flowers, little koosh balls, etc.

I love your idea of using the different grasses!!