Friday, April 29, 2011

Information Overload


Yesterday, I wrote about my need for focus.  My staggering library of books is one such area that could use some focus.  Lately, I feel overwhelmed with information.  Again, most of it is useful and good information - but just too much of it.  Links on facebook, blog posts, articles, and my enormous stack of books on my nightstand scream out to me daily.  I feel rushed to absorb all the information I can.

Of course, in the end, that means I generally absorb nothing at all.

What would it be like to be on a deserted island with just one or two books?  To squeeze every last drop of usefulness or enjoyment out of a book?  At present rate, I skim through and hardly process what I'm reading.  I quickly make a mental note of "that was good to know" and just as quickly forget what I learned all together.  And I rarely, if ever, apply it to my life.

How much is enough?

I'm at a stopping point with information these days.  My brain is full.  I have a library full of wonderful books that I've barely brushed the surface on or haven't even read.  

I want to sit down and read.  

I want to soak up a book from cover to cover, and then read it again.

I want to meditate on what it means for my life and if I like it, put it into practice.

And I really think I need to stop buying/borrowing books for awhile. ;)

How about you?  Are you feeling the information overload?

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Amanda said...

Totally! I think it is probably why I have about 800 or so unread posts on my google reader!! :) I just can't keep up with everything that is coming at me so I have just stopped trying to. I skim a few things and then move on.

I also have WAY, WAY too many books to read...ugh. I have decided recently that I don't need to buy a book if I can't read it right then...which basically means that I don't buy it. ha ha!

I think I am currently struggling with taking in so much of other "people's" ideas and I am not spending enough time reading God's ideas -- you know? I am so quick to buy that new book about "how to live right" or whatever, but I am not interested in reading how God wants me to live. How terrible...because His ideas are the true information that I want to soak up and put into practice. :)