Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Thoughts

  1. Well it looks like I'll be solo for our church retreat this weekend.  Hayden is definitely sick, and Corbin looks to be joining in the "fun" too.  Just colds, but enough to keep them home.
  2. I know without a doubt that I have the best husband in the world.  Despite his usual awesomeness, he is making the big sacrifice to stay home with two little boys instead of going to the retreat.
  3. I won't deny that even though I am really sad about our whole family not going, I am breathing a little sigh of relief not having to worry about Hayden and peanuts this weekend.  I have a lot of anxiety whenever we are in new and unknown food situations (even if I may not show it always), and not having to worry about that takes a great weight off my shoulders.  Obviously, going to a camp and being completely clueless about what and how they will prepare for meals definitely drives up the anxiety a notch.
  4. This will definitely be one of those "Let Go" moments this weekend, as everything I had envisioned about the weekend has completely changed, HA!  As hubby will tell you, I don't like my plans changing at the last minute - so this will be good practice in following God's will not mine.  He obviously has different plans for me this weekend.
  5. Hubby is definitely racking up points for Guys Night Out (Hint, hint...go plan something for Sunday night Babe!!).  
  6. Don't worry, I will embrace every second of my kiddo-free weekend.  This will actually be the longest amount of time I've ever been away from either of them.  My only other times away were the two women's retreats, but they were only one night!!  Hmmmm, maybe a little break is a good idea.
  7. Now that Hayden is four, we've instituted some "quarantine" practices that I hope will limit the spread of germs here at home.  Our new rule is that the sick person must lay down on the couch and not move about the house!  Thank goodness at least one of them is at the age where this is even possible - Corbin would never sit still that long.  I loved this idea from Like Mother, Like Daughter and have made it a new house tradition!
For those of you heading to retreat - see ya soon!
For my hubby - I love you so much and will miss you tons!!
For everyone else:

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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