Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keeping In Focus


I took a small blogging break, but now I'm back!  It's healthy to take breaks.  I'm learning that, haha.  Lately, my mind has been trying to grasp the idea of focus.  Honestly, this is a really difficult area for me.  I am so easily distracted and thrown off.  I jump onto new ideas and challenges on a whim.  I over commit myself.

And while I'm a lover of trying new things, there is something to be said about focusing on a task to completion or proficiency.  So, I am working really hard on keeping my focus.  And, oh boy, is it hard.  Just today, I was reading a great post about a new cleaning challenge and was two seconds away from joining!  Whoa there!  Why am I taking on something else?  I'm not even doing those things I already have on my plate!

There are just so many great things out there!  They are all most certainly good and helpful things - but I cannot possibly do ALL of them - and that is my downfall.  I want to do everything!  If it's good or helpful, I want to do it!  But that just leaves me half-finished with about a million different projects, challenges, or goals. :( 

I think my 2010 word of Simplify still lingers on in my heart.  I desperately know that I do need to simplify...or crash and burn.

And I need to be gentle with myself.  I am not going to finish all my "undone" projects overnight or instantly modify or form good and beneficial habits.  

Time.  Patience. Gentleness.

How do you keep balance and focus in your life?


AMH said...

Welcome back! I totally understand your thoughts about wanting to do everything and over-committing. If I wasn't already focusing on this aspect in study already, I probably wouldn't be doing the challenge either. But the timing works out for me.

There are other things I wanted to do though recently and I just have had to say no. Truthfully, I just can't do it. I am behind on several things and need to do some catch up before I commit to new projects.

It's very similar to some ideas that I have been thinking about regarding weeding and pruning. Weeding is taking out the bad stuff which is easy to do, but pruning...well, with pruning, sometimes it is good stuff that has to go in order to put more energy into the to speak. :) There are lots of good things, but not always good for us at that time.

Just Me said...

Yes! I hope eventually I can do the cleaning challenge and learn some new strategies, but right now that would be just me leaping off in another direction!!!! HA! One thing at a time. But I can't wait to hear how the challenge goes for you! I can always use cleaning tips, haha.

gsv said...

Some of us desperately need a cleaning challenge (or cleaning is already a challenge). Share what you have wisely passed up (or decided is for another season).

gsv said...

oops, I see the link now, and I had already been looking at it for like a week...hahaha