Friday, April 8, 2011

Yippity Skippity, It's Friday

Oh boy, it's Friday, and don't I know it!  It couldn't have come soon enough.

  1. I have fallen in love with my new notebook - Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder. This thing rocks.  It's a binder, but like no binder I've ever had.  It folds like a spiral notebook, but opens like a ring binder.  But the rings are made out of this flexible plastic stuff.  It rocks my world.  The dividers have pockets, plus pockets for index cards!!  Woot.  This is fast becoming my journal, sketchbook, menu planner, home management notebook, planner, basically everything.
  2. E-Mealz rocks.  Let me say it must check it out.  No, I most certainly do not get paid to say that.  I learned about it from The Candid Pastor's Wife last month.  Anything that plans my menu, generates my grocery list, AND plans meals on my Weight Watchers diet definitely has my vote.  Today was my first day using it and I went grocery shopping tonight - love, love, love it.  I'll let you know how the recipes turn out.
  3. Speaking of grocery shopping...I don't know how people can spend their whole lives in the world and not understand common courtesies.  While at HEB, I was unloading all the things from my cart when two women came up behind me and threw the divider down and put all their stuff onto the conveyor belt.  Um, did I mention that I wasn't DONE unloading my cart??!!  As the belt continued to move forward, I had NO room left to put anything down.  Who does that?
  4. These two same women proceed to tell the bagger to "Go Away, I want to bag my own groceries..."  and had a conversation kind of like this, "I think I'm missing two of my kids.  Am I missing two of my kids?"...Ok, what?  If you have to ask...weird.
  5. I found a new (well new to me) favorite wine - Sweet Bliss Red.  Yum.  It's a red wine, but it's a little sweet with hints of cherry and chocolate.  It doesn't have a cork, so I was a little suspicious about the quality when I unscrewed the cap, but it was surprisingly good.  Plus, it's at HEB, which just makes life simple, no extra trips.
  6. Speaking of corks, I was proud that I at least checked if there was a cork, because last time we brought home a wine, I just assumed that it had a cork and started drilling into it.  It was quite interesting when I discovered that there was a screw off cap (which now had a hole in it thanks to my enthusiasm).
  7. On the ride home yesterday Hayden informed me that "My booty is scratchy.  I think my poo-poos are tickling me".  Today when Mark told Hayden "I'll see you later" he replied, "You'll see my underwear later!"  He answers almost every question these days with his own made up word, "Biggle!".  No idea what that means.  At lunch, Hayden embarrassed me by pointing out the guy next to us and saying "That big guy is going to eat me!"  You never know what will come out of his mouth next.  I pray that those of you that don't have kids never take what they say out in public to you seriously - they obviously have NO idea with their talking about.  I hope that poor guy did NOT hear Hayden's ridiculous remarks.
Hayden posing

Have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

I did emealz back in 2009 and I didn't like it at all...part of my issue was all the use of canned products and such. BUT, in my current stage of life, I am finding that I am really struggling with this part of my "job" at home and so I am also giving it another go. I will still modify recipes to use less processed items, but I think the break from dealing with the stress of menu planning will be much welcomed! And my family (ie: my husband) will be much happier! ;)

Btw, Hayden's comment made me laugh so hard!! Thanks for the laugh!

Just Me said...

You might want to take a look at the weight watchers menu. Because the meals have to meet the weight watchers point guidelines, I found that all the ingredients were fresh. I think I literally bought 4 canned goods this week. Chicken broth, evaporated ff milk, ff cream of chicken, and a can of peas & carrots. My produce list was about 20-30 items!

Amanda said...

Yeah...after checking out more of the sample menus, I switched to one of the Low Carb ones...they seemed to have better options with less processed stuff. We shall see...I am okay with modifying things a little bit since it is saving me time from having to think through what to make! ha ha!

Just Me said...

I made the first meal tonight and it was awesome. Jerk Pork Tenderloins with rice pilaf and lemon honey carrots. And the rest of the week looks pretty good too. :)