Monday, July 9, 2007

All grown up!

Today, my little man got a tooth! Like most mothers, my finger is constantly searching around for that first tooth. So today I was feeding Hayden and noticed that the spoon was sticking more than usual when he bit down. Sure enough, there's a little tooth poking out. Nothing much to see now, but you can definitely feel the sharp little bugger!

Then we finish eating and I put him down to play on the floor. He's pretty much crawling now, so he enjoys floor time. I go over to the kitchen to grab some lunch, and when I come back...presto...he's sitting up!! I put him down on his tummy. He continued to impress me with his sitting up skills for the next hour.

Sheesh, when babies change, it's by leaps and bounds. Tooth and sitting all in one day!

I'm trying to wait as long as possible before I go buy the baby corral. But, I may need to go get it sooner than I thought. He's pretty much mobile. Now he's trying to follow me around the house. Unfortunately for him, his crawling is pretty much at a snail's pace. So by the time he gets to where I was, I'm not there anymore!

Also, I guess the swing days are numbered. He's anti-stationary! He wants to be loose and tumbling around. Plus he's getting big! I think these swings have a max weight of 20 lbs. He's already probably at least 18 if not bigger. We'll find out next month at the doctor's office.

And, I finally stopped nursing him. Harder for me than him. He wanted the instant gratification of the bottle, not the comfort of mommy. Sniff Sniff. It's been over two weeks now. I'm pretty much over it. It was definitely a unique bonding experience that I'll miss. But someone needs to inform my boobs about this new development, cause they're still the same size! I guess the cup change is permanent? Hmmm...

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Metalchick said...

wow he's all grown up now! Soon he'll be driving! Well not really but wow they grow up fast.