Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why Can't We Just Be Ourselves

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Why is it we pretend to be what we're not? Hide what we truly love? Assess our "coolness" factor? Betray what we're passionate about? All for the approval of others. The opinion of others. I've decided to stop hiding. I will be me. I will not apologize for being me. I will not be embarrassed of my likes, dislikes, passions, or ...of me. And I will surround myself with those who do the same.

I am declaring to the world the following:

1. I love World of Warcraft
2. I hate Martinis
3. I love Harry Potter books and movies
4. I love Star Wars, but only the original 3.
5. I love Star Trek, but only the Next Generation.
6. I love big furry slippers
7. I love movies about ghosts and ships, and if its about ghosts on ships, even better.
8. Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink, followed closely by Mellow Yellow.
9. My favorite animated Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty ( I also love Beauty and the Beast).

10. If I could pick any Halloween costume, I'd be a pirate.
11. I love skirts and sarongs.
12. I love to fish. But hate to take the fish off the hook.
13. I hate Sex in the City. There, I admitted it.
14. I love CSI (Las Vegas only), Law and Order, Murder She Wrote, and Heroes.
15. I love mystery/thriller/suspense novels.
16. I like to scrapbook.
17. I don't like going to bars unless there's something to do. (Dance, pool, hookahs)
18. I love the Fall season
19. October-December is my favorite holiday season.
20. I love to draw and paint.
21. I hate oysters.
22. I love trains.

So there's a little about me you may or may not know. I'm not hiding anymore, so neither should you. What are YOU worried about showing others? And why?

Is there any reason you can't be genuine? REAL? Set down the mask and show us who you really are behind the lies we tell ourselves.

Sometimes you tell yourself so many lies you don't even remember who you are anymore.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


1. I love to booty shake.
2. I love the show Weeds.
3. I like Poison!!
4. I hate clubs in general. I only go because I know eventually I'll be intoxicated and booty shaking.
5. I really don't like beef.
6. I like girly books - Jennifer Weiner is my favorite author.
7. I love flipflops.
8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE slurpees.
9. I miss playing Quake 3 Arena...a lot.
10. I like that guy I'm seeing a lot and I hope he marries me one day. ;)

Your #1 is hilarious. Makes me happy for the day. =)