Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

First, let me give credit where credit is due. Photo is from Ingorr on Flickr.

This morning has been interesting. I've been exploring other blogs on Blogger. Not too much going on actually, we're all leading quite boring lives. Except maybe those of us in other countries, I can't really read your blog (I can only speak English, and order food in Spanish), so maybe you guys are doing interesting things. I'll never know.

I found:

1.) Quite a few of us are trying to lose weight. No surprise there.
2.) Many of us are pissed at one friend or another. Too bad we're not perfect. HA! A thought just came into my head...if we all had blogs I'm sure there would be at least one person blogging about what an ass I was at any given moment.
3.) Alot of blogs are totally bullshit advertisements. What a freakin waste of space.
4.) Alot of us are keeping our blogs anonymous. Not me of course, which has been an interesting choice for me. Cuts down on the topics, like the afore mentioned bitching about friends.
5.) Some of us are freakin amazing artists, either visually or verbally. Wow guys. I hope you're not squandering your talent on blogging. Cause people need to read/see your stuff!

So weird, I'm blogging about other people blogging. Is that like taking a picture of someone taking a picture of you? Hmmmmm...that's one to ponder while on the toilet.

Anyway, new topic. I've been seriously considering trying to start up my painting again. I'm starting to have longer chunks of time. Maybe even enough to work on a painting or two. It's been so long though that I honestly would suck. My drawing is horrible right now. For me drawing has always been a talent only through practice, same as my piano. If I get away from it, it turns to shit. Well, I always keep some retained talent in piano, but only because I took lessons for over 10 years. Had to have been worth something.

Interesting tidbit about me...I only paint when I drink. So maybe this should be more of a night time hobby. Drinking at 10am doesn't sound good...or does it? Just kidding. Drinking just takes the edge off. Removes the little voice inside that says the painting is going to turn out shitty. But don't drink too much, or it will!!! I guess you could pass it off as abstract. (The entire abstract art community just gasped and passed out at the comment - sorry guys, I love your work).

It's been raining here, for, well forever. And surprisingly, I haven't gotten stir crazy. I guess my little man has been keeping me thoroughly entertained. Hayden that is, not Mark. ;) But I've always liked rain. There was a bit of time after Hayden was born that I would get pretty depressed when it was raining out, but that seems to have passed.

Postpartum depression is definitely a real thing, that even visited my crazy brain. No idea what it is or why it is, but I was totally down there for a few months. And then, like a cloud dissipating, it was gone. I could suddenly get up off that couch, smile, enjoy the day, enjoy Hayden, not be so lonely. Maybe it had something to do with starting exercising again too. That definitely helps my moods. I have to admit that I've been slacking on that front. Yes I ADMIT IT. But, thanks to my truly gorgeous friend Jenny, I worked out today. She inspires me to get off my lazy ass. She's beautiful and in good shape, yet still gets out there and works out; so why shouldn't I? After chatting with her for a few minutes, I got up and worked out, from sheer shame.

I recently saw "A Good Year". I liked it. Nothing monumental, but it did make me want to go out and buy a bottle of wine. If that was the intended purpose - it worked.

I also saw "Invincible", again a good movie. But left me with one question: How the hell did his wife pack up and move all their shit out of the house in one day? I guess Mark is lucky to have such a lazy wife. I'd be "leaving him" for a month. Plenty of time for him to figure it out. No surprise empty house scene. I'd still be cussing and searching around for cardboard boxes.

Tomorrow I'm treating my inner girl to one of my favorite movies - The Sound of Music. Screw anyone who has a problem with that movie, I love it.

Another dinner with friends tonight - I'll be sure to take pics for my wall!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are so awesome, lady! I'm glad I inspired you. I dunno about me being in that great of shape though, haha. I love youuuuu! The dinner last night was FANTASTIC!!