Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clean house and good dinner

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was a bit busy. We had two of our friends over for dinner and I had to do a massive cleaning. But wow! Now my house rocks.

First, the coolest part of the night was the news that our friends are having a baby!!!!!! Amazing. She's due in October, which is awesome, since another one of our friends is also due in October. Babies everywhere. It will be nice to have more friends with babies. Hmmm....I'm thinking babysitting! Woot.

The dinner couldn't have gone better, and with the baby news we had plenty to talk about. I didn't get to make my separate dinner (no time) for my diet, so I ate what I fixed everyone else. But it was still all fat free, so no major guilt there. I guess I'll make that meal today for lunch or dinner.

I have to say one more time how refreshing it feels to have a clean house. Now I just need to keep it this way, we'll see. Having a 7 month old doesn't exactly make that an easy job.

So dinner was awesome, and afterward I actually worked out (at 10pm) while Mark cleaned up the dishes.

Today should be fun, I'm going for a walk with one of the Mommies from my birthing class last year. In fact, I need to get dressed! That's in 30 minutes.....

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LeftyMama said...

That is the cutest picture ever! Hayden is such a beautiful baby.