Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Only a woman

I'm only a woman
of flesh and bone
and i wept much
we all do.
i thought i might die alone
but i had never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never met you
so baby be good to me.

I got nothin to give you, you see
except everything, everything, everything, everything.
all the good and the bad.
cause i've been bad.
i've lied, cheated, stolen,
and been ungrateful for what i have
and i'm afraid habits rule my wake in life
and i'm scared
and i'm runnin
in my sleep for you.
but all the oceans, and rivers and showers
will wash it all away and make me clean for you.
cause i have never (x15) met you.

so lets take a loan and put it down
on a house in a place we've never lived
in a place that exists
in the pages of scripts and in songs that they sing
and all the beautiful things
that can make you weep but don't have to make you weak
cause i never (x27) love somebody
the way that i loved you.

"I never" - Rilo Kiley

I love this song. I think this is what every girl wants to feel, or at least a girl like me. And I hate when life (or a guy) stomps on you, even if you knew he wasn't Mr. Right. Every girl should be treated like the princess she is. I wish I could protect all my friends from the jerks of this world. I love you sweetie! The good guys are out there. I promise.

On the lighter side, I scoured my closet yesterday to see how the clothes are fitting. And yay! A dress I tried on just 2 weeks ago, that I couldn't zip up, fits!!!! Kudos to me. ;)

P.S. The pic is of me, happy in my dress....haha

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Metalchick said...

Kuddos to you! That's awesome! Very good!

And yes, I'd kill to have that feeling for someone. Not going to settle for anything less.