Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Still Truckin'

Well I think this is the most consistent I've ever been with a blog. Which is sad considering this is only my fifth post. Ha.

I'm trying a new "diet". I hate that word, and technically this isn't a diet since I don't plan on ever stopping. But the book is called the 5 Factor Diet. It also comes with a 5 day a week fitness program that looks great. I'm pretty confident this will be good for me, and I don't plan on giving up or cheating. The recipes have been great! As I continue, I'm sure I'll post more about it, but for now I don't like promoting anything I haven't had success with yet. So as I lose weight...and I will...I'll write more about it.

The more I'm in this world, the more I totally don't understand people. I won't go into specifics, but several people lately have blown me away by their inconsiderateness (is that even a word?). Maybe I'm strange, but I just wouldn't do the things that have been done to me lately. I wouldn't do them to an acquaintance and I certainly wouldn't do them to a friend. But I guess that's life and people make mistakes - even mistakes they don't realize.

I still haven't gotten to have my relaxing bubble bath. That's really only a dream for me right now. Considering my tub needs to be cleaned and I think I'd need a bath pillow or something to be at all comfortable in our little bathtub.

I don't really have much insightful to say or any real stories. I'm just chugging along, trying to succeed at something I've failed at for so long. Until tomorrow...G'night

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