Friday, June 8, 2007

World's On >>

Why is that when things happen they happen all at once? Then you'll go days with nothing new to even talk about? Well the world is definitely on fast forward for me right now.

First, I have to report sweet success with my first eating out. While everyone around me gorged on garlic bread, calamari, pasta, cheese, sausage, and God knows what else, I had a salad and two glasses of Shiraz. Oh yeah baby. No insane stuffing of carbs and fat for this girl!!!!! And it was pretty tempting too, since the dinner was "family style" with a giant lazy susan in the middle. And those dishes kept whizzing by, but I didn't bite. Haha.

The dinner was fun. I especially liked the statue of the pope in the middle of the lazy susan. He was eyeing me as I sipped my wine. But no judgement, he's Catholic remember? Drinking is ok!

It was definitely a fun place - Bucca di Beppo. But toooooo expensive! I had a salad and two glasses of wine - I walked out of there $37 lighter. I guess it didn't help that we divided the check evenly, haha. The price you pay for eating healthy. Sheesh. But the dinner was very fun! It was cool to see some familiar NetQuas faces. ;) Damn, I should have taken a pic of the ceiling. There was a mural of cherubs with some interesting anatomy. Honestly I couldn't tell if those were men or women winking back at me. Weird.

So that's my first story - which should be a sufficient blog post in itself. But, today my pet fish Methuselah died. I knew it was coming, he's been acting strange for a few days - swimming upside down and such. So let's have a moment of silence for sweet Methuselah ...... He was 3 years old, that's pretty old for a Betta. Most of my friends Bettas kicked the bucket after 6 months. Everyone would ask me what I do different. Haha. Well I didn't bother him and cleaned his bowl sparingly. I think they like that. My last Betta Hermie lived 2 years, and he didn't die of natural causes. His babysitter accidentally killed him. Oops. Partially my fault for not leaving good instructions. So apparently I have the gift for taking care of these little guys. Although, I think Methuselah will be the last fish, at least for a little while. I have my hands full with Hayden and our 3 ferrets.

So there's enough for another post. Ha! But it doesn't stop there. I must talk about my possessed espresso machine. I got this damn thing for Christmas 2 years ago. And I've managed to make some of the worst coffee I've ever made with it. I have a regular coffee pot in which I can make great coffee. I just wanted to get some use out of my espresso machine and supposedly it can make coffee, and makes a single serving. Sounds perfect right? Yeah, right. Only problem is that somehow the coffee comes out nasty, too watery. Yuck. Sucks. I only put in enough water for one cup of coffee (barely), and fill up the little container completely with grounds. So there's no way I could add more grounds, and I don't want a half a cup of coffee thanks. So I guess I'll just have to reserve that damn thing for espresso only. Bah! Nothing worse than watery coffee. Bleh.

So now I'll get to my usual ramblings. I'm still dying to check out that scale. But I'm restraining myself... The food so far has been great. So I'm still raving about the 5-Factor Diet. However, until I see that scale moving, I can't say much more. I did the 5-Factor workout and it rocked!!!!!!!!! It was the perfect amount of exercise without totally wiping me out. I loved it. And I can feel the effects today, the muscles that should be sore, are.

I'm in the mood for some new music. Something relaxing or inspirational. Any suggestions? I've browsed around iTunes, but haven't found anything irresistible yet. I want something really different, but really good. Let me know if you have an idea.

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