Sunday, June 3, 2007

Real Life Doesn't Exist in Hollywood

So, here's the part in a movie where the inspirational music would blast and you'd see various 5 second clips of me eating healthy, running, and smiling about my sweet success. And after about 2 minutes of that, I'd instantly be transformed into a beautious person. Ha.

But, let's face it, life is not a movie. And what Hollywood stuffs into 2 minutes is actually months of hard work. Hard work and set backs. Failures and successes. And this is the second day.

So what's real life like? Real life is having your 7th wedding anniversary and saying to hell with the rules, I'm enjoying today! Ok, I'm not completely throwing my rules out the window - but I am splurging with eating out today. But to make up for it, I had a healthy smaller breakfast. It's all about compromise. And I'm still drinking water.

Real life is me getting my period the day I start my new plan. Ugh. Talk about just wanting to curl up on the couch and eat oreos while slurping Dr. Pepper...hehe. But that's life. You live it with your period and without. Good days and bad, and everything in between.

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Nepali Akash said...

i guess u were not planning to jump there, were u?