Sunday, June 10, 2007

Only 24 hours???

Wow! It's amazing what you can do in 24 hours. Today has been a fun-filled, crazy, busy day. It all started at 5 am when I was awakened by Hayden for fooooood! After feeding him, I treated myself to two more hours of sleep. Wooohooo. Then I got my butt up at 7am, made breakfast for Mark and I (breakfast burritos - healhty of course) and headed off to meet the gals for coffee at 8am. We chatted it up until 11, at which time I quickly ran over to the mall to...A.) Buy myself some cutsie lingerie at Fredericks and B.) Buy some Bachlorette gifts for my soon to be sister-in-law. I even managed to get fitted. After having a baby, I had no idea what my bra size was, HA!

Cool news on the bra front...generally I've been a 36C or even 38. But I measured 35D! Which was cool to hear. Not that it makes a difference, they don't make 35, but that means my eating healthy and working out is paying off. Woooooot! Hehe, and yes I'm a D at present, but give me a break, I'm nursing!

From the mall I sped over to HEB to pick up some last minute brunch ingredients and to get some gas in my guzzling Explorer. Who do I see speeding passed me on the way back home? JeNNaY! We enjoyed brunch, with mimosas of course! Yum. I can't help my alchie ways. Anywho.

After brunch I got my drunk ass sober and worked out. Yeah, that's right, you heard me, I worked out. Oh yeah. Sweated my sweet ass off toooooo. Anywho.

From there I got dressed in my hoochie mamma outfit...ok j/k I actually have dressed for Jenny's pool/bday and the bachlorette party. So I wore my swimsuit, but with a nice skirt and sweater. I love that swimsuit. It's old school, think Marilyn Monroe 50s one piece, but oh so cute. Anywhoooooo.

I rushed to the bachlorette party and enjoyed about an hour or so there. Sorry, I've been sworn to secrecy about what went on there. All I can say is that I left with a very nifty penis straw.

Finally I headed to Jenny's bday party. Clubhouse there is awesome. Just have to say that. But silly dork that I am, I didn't take one pic. ARgh. But Jenny should have lots posted on flickr. So what can I say about cream, buttery nipples, peanut butter and jelly, swimming, foosball, penis straw, lost earings, gentlemanly kiss on the hand, found earings, no towels...I could go on.

The best part is that I didn't cheat once. I didn't eat the wings, cupcakes, penis cake, anything. I rock.

All in all it was a great nite. The only thing missing was my wonderful and amazing hubby who can always make the best night better. He rocks my world. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good day yesterday! Thanks for coming to my party! You made my night as usual. YAY FOR SWIMMING!!!