Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dying to Peek

This would be the point where I'd want to check out that scale and see what has happened. It's almost been a week. And I'm dying to know how I'm doing. But I am determined not to look at the scale until June 16th! So I have to blog to get my mind off of it. Haha. Dinner was good last night. Chicken and black bean quesadillas. Yum. I would totally recommend them. I just cooked some chicken (with excellent seasonings of course), and threw together chicken, black beans, and some nonfat mozzarella cheese in my quesadilla. I think I could eat that everyday. And I could if I felt like it, that's the beauty of it.

I'm about to give a friend her birthday gift!! I hope she likes it. And I really hope she doesn't have one already. It seemed like the perfect gift, but you never know!

Of course, I realize that I have no wrapping paper that isn't covered in snowmen or santas, so I had to improvise with tissue paper. Hahahaha. Oh well.

Tonight's my first test of eating out, I hope I don't blow it. Of course this diet allows a cheat day, so no biggie if I do, but I just don't want to!!!

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