Friday, June 15, 2007

One More Day

One more day...and then I'll be able to see if all this diet and exercise has had any effect. I was so close to jumping on the scale this morning. In fact I was standing in front of it ready to hop on. Argh. But I stopped myself. I said I'd wait till Saturday and I will!!!! So we'll see. Tomorrow will be an interesting blog day. I'll either, A) Be totally pissed off because I haven't lost or B.) Be totally ecstatic with the results.

Hayden is so adorable. I'm upstairs and he's in the swing next to me. He's fallen asleep, but his little head hasn't fallen back on the pillow yet so it's bobbing back and forth. We're so excited because he's starting to learn to crawl. He's figured out how to get on his hands and knees now. And he's even getting on his hands and toes, like a little push up. Strong little bugger. Last night rocked, Hayden slept from 1-8am. Which is not the norm. Usually there are two feedings in there. I think we're finally gonna get some sleep around here.

My arms are sore from my workout yesterday, sheesh. But that's good I guess. I do love these workouts though. However, this week the reps and sets were moved up, so I'm getting my butt kicked.

I saw a full rainbow yesterday. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, I only had my camera phone. So if you want to see it I can send it to your phone. Just let me know. I wish I had had my camera, that would have rocked. Camera phones suck.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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