Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recycle Your Life

Melissa's Thursday Challenge:

Recycle your life!

So what does that mean? I have recently decided to set down my materialistic consumer ways, for a new way - recycling. And no I'm not talking about throwing cans and newspaper in a bin.

I'm talking about rediscovering the things you once loved, and probably still do. Things collecting dust in your corner, things you though you were tired of.

I've found so many things that I'd forgotten about, but still love.

My "Finds":

1. My old Matchbox 20 Mad Season CD. Dude, I love that CD. And suddenly its no longer old to me! I'm listening to it now.

2. A pair of capris I had marked for donation. Wearing them today!

3. A t-shirt I picked up in hawaii. Wearing it now.

4. A good book - Journey of Desire. Already read it, but damn if reading it again doesn't rock my world.

5. An awesome movie - I pulled out my old Brotherhood of the Wolf DVD. Good stuff.

6. Ice tea - finally using the ice tea bags I bought that were hanging out in the back of the pantry. Tasty!

7. Drawing pad. I miss drawing! Pulled that out last week and started back up.

Anywho, those are what i found to recycle. What about you?


LeftyMama said...

Hmmmm. Interesting idea. For me, this weekend anyway, it was my hair. I know, that doesn't sound very exciting, but you have to consider that for the past 9.5 months, I've had no time at all to give any attention to my own personal hygiene, much less beauty or even looking half-way presentable in public. Thanks to my son's newfound napping and sleeping skills, I finally get to take a decent shower AND finish up with a good blow dry, with some flat-ironing thrown in for good measure. My hair is back! That, and reading on a semi-daily basis. Next stop, listening to cool new music and drinking the occasional martini ;o)

Supernova said...

OMG dats such a terribly cute pic!!!!