Sunday, May 17, 2009


The new developments with the kiddos?

Corbin is army crawling (i.e. crawling with his arms/elbows and pushing forward with his feet.) He's now mobile!!! And everywhere. He started this about 2 weeks ago at my parents house.

Hayden is now saying 2 word phrases - which is a big milestone we've been waiting for. He even said a 5 word phrase, although mentally it was really 3.

We were pulling out of the garage and he said:

"Bye bye kitties, gotta go." (My parents have cats that live outside but stay in the garage at night.)

Bye-bye and "gotta go" are single words to Hayden, so that's why I call it a 3 word phrase.

So he is regularly saying phrases like:

"Bye bye" person's name
"More" *word
"Drop" *word
"Fall" *word
"Please" *word

The boys are even playing together. Hayden likes to lead Corbin around by dangling a desirable item in front of him and continuously moving it. This way he can get Corbin to go anywhere he wants. Occasionally, I even find both boys playing "cars" or "trains" together. Of course, this is assuming Corbin doesn't touch anything Hayden deems as "his".

It's now starting to hit me that I have two children...haha.

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ebit said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Corbin do his army crawl! and Yay, Hayden!