Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Small World

Today was Hayden's first appointment with the school district to see if he qualifies for their free preschool when he turns 3. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing and not really sure what to expect.

I walked in, and who did I see? My neighbor!! I knew she worked at the school, but I had no idea what she did exactly. She was the one who watched Hayden while he played. It was so awesome to see her there and it put me at ease immediately.

They had an enormous playroom with just about any toy you could imagine. Cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, imaginary play centers (grocery store, etc), sensory toys, doll houses, you name it. Obviously, Hayden went wild! He loved it. In fact, I had to drag him out kicking and screaming "No Go!"

They joked that all the 2-3 year olds leave that way. HA! They said it gets better when they are 4-5.

This meeting was mostly informational. His actual evaluation is not until October!! And then there will be another meeting with speech therapists, evaluators, and the school district to vote on whether he qualifies. I have a feeling that by October, he will have mostly caught up and therefore not qualify. But we'll see. It was nice to see how great they are with the kids, and any fears or apprehension I had about the program was put to rest.

If he qualifies, that would be great. But if not, that's good to, because it means he's no longer delayed!!


Robyn said...

Glad it went well! And it sounds like you can't lose no matter which way it all turns out. :)

Ebit said...

Me too! I am so glad it went well and that you were put at ease immediately by your neighbor! :)