Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Derby Day

I happened to be in Kentucky during the Kentucky Derby. It's hilarious that my family has lived in KY so long, yet never been to a derby. We always just watch it on TV - better view.

This year was no different. Locally, they show all the races before - not just the Derby like they do here. So we got the morning paper and made our selections on who we thought would Win, Place, or Show. I'm the kind of girl who picks a horse by it's name, my Mom looks at odds, jockeys, and then the actual horse when they do the walk down to the gates, my Dad is a bit of both.

My Dad is gifted at picking horses, he won most of the ones he picked - it was crazy! Of course, he "Bet it all" on the Derby horse and lost! Hahaha. My mom did pretty well and came out on top in the end. And my pick em by name approach actually had me winning something most of the time.

While we were watching we started getting jealous that we didn't have our own crazy Derby hats (for those that never watch, it's quite the thing to go to the Derby in some huge, stylish hat), so we made our own.

I think ours were just as elegant as the celebs. HA!

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