Saturday, May 16, 2009

Empty House...Empty Fridge

Despite giving my hubby the bulk of the grocery money over the last few weeks, we came home to a house devoid of food. We did have a few "necessities" I had requested he buy in advance, but nothing much else. The only dinner I could think to throw together was chicken fajitas, rice, and a can of beans I refried.

We had the makings of spaghetti, but not enough noodles and no side or salad.

We had frozen chicken breasts, but no veggies or yummy items to cook it with.

We had milk but no cereal.

And thanks to Amanda's wonderful post on homemade popcorn, we had popcorn.

I made steel cut oats with yogurt, honey, sliced peaches (canned) and nuts for breakfast. It was the only thing we had. It was yummy though. I think I'll eat that this week for breakfast.

Lunch today (before I went shopping) was PB&J sandwich for me, and leftover spaghetti for Mark and Hayden. Apparently, Mark decided to just make a HUGE pot of spaghetti and eat that for a week.

Which made me laugh when he told me because I had planned on making spaghetti tonight for dinner. HA!

So I decided instead to run to HEB (in the rain) to grab some groceries for the week. This week's total: 54.74!! Mark spent around $19 bucks for milk, yogurt, baby food and some other items before we got back.

What's for dinner?

Saturday: Easy Chicken Bake (a new recipe)
Sunday: Whole Roasted Chicken with mash potatoes
Monday: Beans & Rice (and leftover chicken)
Tuesday: Stovies
Wednesday: Left overs
Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas
Friday: BBQ Chicken, green pepper, and artichoke pizza
Saturday: Cook's day off!! Eat out.

Hayden also has a new love of apples. I just have to bite a piece of to get him started and he'll eat the whole apple without cutting it. So I got a bag of organic apples - they were only 2.99 which is not bad at all.

When I picked up Mark's prescription, the cash register spit out a coupon for a FREE bottle of Perrier water!

I think I'll do my homemade mac n cheese this week for some lunches. I'm started to prefer it over store bought. It just has so much more flavor!! I debated whether to buy whole grain pasta this time, but I decided not to - I thought it might turn Hayden off!

And man are sodas getting expensive. $4 for Diet Rite???!! I decided to go with the cheap HEB soda for $2.50.

Other prices that are insane right now - milk! Organic (and the central market version, not the more expensive brand) was $5.39 I think. What??!!! Makes a girl want to go buy a dairy cow, but I have a feeling my neighbors might have objections to that.

It feels good to open the fridge and pantry and actually see FOOD in there and not just empty shelves staring back at me. I tried to use up all our food before we left so it wouldn't go bad, but I think I should have left a "stocking" grocery list for Mark before we got back. HA!

Oh well.

I am glad to be back home and doing my own cooking. I really am getting anal about cooking and choosing my meals, and I didn't necessarily like having someone decide what I ate every night. Nice thing about being the cook, is that YOU decide what to make every day. I basically cook all MY favorite meals (that everyone else happens to like as well) and enjoy each meal!

Oh and my kitchen is 99.999% done. Right now I'm cooking dinner and enjoying having my laptop in my kitchen!


Gail said...

You must share your Easy Chicken Bake. I have a bag of frozen chicken breast in the fridge waiting to be used.

Just Me said...

It was from the back of the Chicken Stove Top Stuffing box. It was ok. But I don't think I'd make it again. Not that it was bad or anything, just not spectacular, and if I'm cooking I'm not going to make anything I don't absolutely love.