Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super Woman No Longer

I've come to realize, I'm no longer a super woman. What do I mean by that? I can no longer go for a run, clean up the house, take a shower, fix my hair, make a delicious breakfast, and dress to the 9s all by 8am. Heck, I can't even write a blog post in one sitting. HA!

I am a super woman no longer, and that's ok.

It's quite a process these days, just to go in the backyard. Both kids need diaper changes first thing in the morning. Hayden gets his 2 bananas and milk, Corbin a bottle.

Hayden wanders by again and I can smell that it's time for another diaper change.

Kids need new clothes for the day. I wrestle with both to accomplish that.

Hayden decides to spread his legos all over the living room floor. Of course these need to be cleaned up (by him) before he can go play outside. I know he'd rather be outside than in, but somehow cleaning up legos takes him 30 minutes and me saying "Clean up your legos and we can go outside" about 100 times.

During all this, I realize that I'll need a cup of coffee to survive this day (which started earlier than usual with the pitter patter of Hayden's little feet and sweet giggles after he'd climbed over his baby gate to come wake up Momma). While Hayden is dragging his feet on cleanup I sneak in a quick cup of coffee. Okay, well half a cup. It gets cold before I get to the last half.

By 10:30 I finally get both kids outside to enjoy the last bits of the cooler morning. Luckily, this week it is slow to get hot and we had plenty of time. Come July, this routine will not work, as it will probably be 90 before I get us all outside.

Sometimes I wonder what the point of all this is. But somehow it feels right. And maybe life is just in the doing. Loving, Helping, Creating, Caring. I think that might be worth more than all the Mt Everest climbs, or worldly success. Something deep down inside me quietly says, yes, it is.

I know that Mark and I decided to have children. But God gave them to us. As many find out, just because you want children, doesn't always mean you get them. And if you are given the blessing, you (I) should never forget what a precious gift the really are. And we are really just caretakers of God's children for a short time.

So let's go enjoy that time.

Hayden at the moment is sitting at his picnic table drumming his fingers waiting for a "snack". I have a sneaking suspicion that he doesn't know what a snack is, as every time I bring him something (apple, pretzels) he smiles and then says "Snack?"

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