Monday, December 1, 2008

28 Years...

Guess what?

I turn 28 this friday.

In honor of that, here's what an average (and I mean average) gal can do in 28 years (in no particular order since I have mommy fog):

  • Meet the love of my life and marry him
  • Survive high school
  • March in the Notre Dame Marching Band
  • Learn how to play piano, oboe, and saxophone (in that order)
  • Accept the life changing reality of Jesus
  • Experience two beautiful natural, drug-free childbirths
  • Become a Mother
  • Graduate college
  • Stay married for 8 years (and counting)
  • Be apart of the missional core of a new church!
  • Breastfeed two babies through sheer perseverance and mother's milk tea
  • Lived, loved, and laughed with all of my dear friends and family
I'm not a superstar. I have no great accolades next to my name. I've never been one to shine. I'll never be the "cool" one or the "outgoing" one. My blog will never have giant numbers (I believe I did a little dance when google reader said I had 10 followers!) and I will never be famous (then again, I'll never be infamous and that's good too).

I've always fell in the mediocre range, and I think that has been a blessing. I think God knows, that if I had been "special" or talented it would have gone straight to my head and I'd probably be worse for it.

So I've been content to just be one of the children of God. Not his best, brightest, most beautiful, or talented, but glad to be counted as His.

I have some amazing friends and though their numbers are small, their hearts are BIG and that makes up for it. When I have a friend, they are a true friend. I get far more than I give.

It's been a great 28 years and I hope I can keep living, loving, and laughing as long as I'm on this earth.


Anonymous said...

You shine...cause heaven is on your mind.

Merae said...

Love ya, Mel. Happy Birthday, my friend. You are FABULOUS!

Shelley said...

wooo-hooo! Happy early birthday honey!! what a great day Friday will be. :)

Elizabeth Taylor said...

I just have to say...there's nothing average about you! You are an amazing, beautiful woman of God, and even though our paths only crossed for a short time, I'm so glad they did! Happy early birthday!

Jen said...

I'm glad you were born!! Excited to see you on Saturday! :)