Friday, December 19, 2008

Fashion Show!

So when my mom came to visit last month she brought to GIANT bins of clothes with her. Clothes that don't fit her any more or are (as she puts it) too young for her.

I took out everything that I wanted (that fit) and am still left with piles and piles of clothes. Some are really cute. Some look like something my mother would wear.

But here's the deal. Minus dropping this all off to good will, I want to find good homes for all this cute stuff! That's where my local buds come in.

I'm going to post a few pics at a time and if you like (or think you're mom might like them) let me know and I'll drop them off to you (of course you must live around here, haha).

The sizes range from Small-Large and 8-10s. Just to give you an idea, my mom is about 5'5" and was probably around 120-150 lbs when these clothes were getting use. Oh and some of them are brand new!! Tags still on!!

And did I say FREE CLOTHES!! Don't forget your mom or aunt too, cause I know these clothes aren't "the latest" style or what not, but they are really nice brands and well made.

Okay, so here go the pics! I think each day I'll put up about 9 or 10 - but there are tons! If no one wants them, I'm good willing them at the end of each week (as in next Friday) so let me know if you want one!

this sweater is REALLY soft and a "Small" - bah! too little for me

This is size 8
Size 8 pants, but they are stretch. Not really my style, but to each his own!
Size small
My mom cut the size tag out of this one, but maybe a medium or large?


Amanda said...

Before taking them to GoodWill you could ask Dennis if they need them for that Food & Toy Drive they are doing on Sunday...I thought I remember him saying the place they are getting stuff for has a clothes closet too...but I could be wrong.

Just Me said...

That's a great idea!