Friday, December 26, 2008

Gone to the Dark Side

Although I am still in love with my Ergo baby carrier, I was wanting something a little less heavy duty for just here around the house. Wearing the Ergo at home is kind of like wearing a prom dress to McDonald's.

So...I did it...I crossed to the dark side and bought a sling, something I didn't think I'd ever do.

But...I didn't buy one for some obscene amount of money - I could never justify paying 100 bucks (or more) for a piece of fabric. It went against my inner cheapness, and believe me, I'm cheap! I also just never had a use for it, I honestly didn't want to wear my kid.

I was perusing Etsy (never a good idea if you don't want to instantly spend money on cute adorable goods) when I saw this shop selling slings for $30-35 and custom fit just for YOU!

I ordered it last Friday and got it today, so the turn around was awesome and it fit perfectly. I got the black and white one in case you were wondering. She has a few different styles.

With my first kiddo, I wasn't a sling mom, but now that I have two, Corbin really needs extra time with Mom since Hayden is more demanding. The sling lets me achieve that without sacrificing even more precious time. Now, instead of Corbin chillin' alone in the swing or bouncer, he's hangin' with Mom around the house - and he loves it!

I can cook dinner (to a point), clean, and just do things that require two hands. The hip carry rocks my world, and although the Ergo carrier can be done on the side too, it's just a bit bulky for home use. However, the Ergo is still unbeatable for longer wearing, so I'm never letting it go!

If you're thinking about a sling, I'd definitely recommend checking these out!


Robyn said...

My MIL made me a sling... haven't used it a ton with Evan, but it's definitely come in handy. I'll bear in mind that I might want it even more for the second child!

LeftyMama said...

Yay! So glad you're enjoying your new sling. We really loved ours until Samson learned to crawl and then was too busy to be strapped to mom. I had him in the sling for hours on some days, especially if we were doing a lot of traveling or shopping, when he was going to have naps while we were on the move. A bonus: baby-wearing helps with milk production (something with which I needed all the help I could get).

T-Bone said...

my sis in law has an 8 week old, and she got the moby wrap for christmas. That this is amazing! and really frees her hands up so she can deal with her 3 year old as well. She says its really easy on her back too. woohoo.