Monday, December 8, 2008

Spoiled Rotten!!

What a great birthday!

I got to go to TWO movies!!! Australia and Four Christmases. Australia was awesome! I really liked it. And Four Christmases was funny, although it seemed like they were trying too hard at times. For both showings I got to go to my favorite movie theater the Alamo Drafthouse. It's my favorite because you can watch movies AND eat real food (not just overpriced popcorn)!!!

Megan and I saw the 10:25pm showing of Australia cause, well we're Mommies and we've got responsibilities until 8pm or so, HA! We were the ONLY ones in the theater. And I think because the movie was so long we were the last people in the whole building, it was a bit weird at the end when we had 2 or 3 cleanup folks waiting on our movie to end so they could get started. And then all the doors but one were locked when we tried to leave!! I think I got home at 1:30am. That's a late night for me, but I'm so glad I went. I would definitely recommend this movie for those into that genre.

I saw Four Christmases with Jenny at 11:25am so I got to indulge in some Porky's Pepperoni Pizza! Yum. Actually I indulged in all kinds of stuff this week (thanks to my Hubby who kept bring home the treats) and I think I gained 5 lbs!!! Ouch.

The Hubby fulfilled my life long wish of having a charm bracelet! I think originally I was 6 and wanted a charm necklace with cool plastic charms like a unicorn, but since I'm now 28, I think his was more appropriate.

The charms are little baby booties that will be engraved with the boys names and birth dates. He also got me two other charms for Christmas that I need to have put on.

I got the coolest purse from Jenny - it's super cute and I can't wait to use it. It was also stuffed with lots of goodies - including a bath pillow! Something I've been wanting for, oh, 8 years!! We have the most uncomfortable bath tub, so I never take baths, just showers. I used to take baths all the time before this house. Now I can enjoy my baths again! Woohoo!

Lindi brought me a basket FULL of goodies, including the most beautiful colored mugs I've ever seen. They are a gorgeous blue and are so awesome! There were all these teas, a relaxing CD and a yummy hot peppermint cocoa. Wow it was good!!!

I also got a million happy birthday's on facebook!!

There was more, but I think you got the picture - it was a great birthday!!!


Shelley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! No wonder you looked so happy yesterday. :) Sorry I missed it!

Jen said...

Hehe, pizza and a cheesy movie! That was a fantastic morning! Glad you had a good birthday!