Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Kids

Nothing like kids to point out your failures.

This weekend while we were putting up our outside decorations, we accidentally broke off on of our reindeer from it's little platform. It's old and rusted, so it just snapped off.

Immediately, Hayden saw what had happened and yelled...UH OH!!! Mark assures him, "I know Hayden, uh oh." while he curses under his breath.

Hayden: UH OH!!! UH OH!!! UH OH!!!

Mark: Yes, I know. I'll fix it.

Hayden: UH OH!! UH OH!!! UH OH!!! (all while trying to "resuscitate the deer and trying all kinds of ways to make it stand up again.)

Mark: It's ok Hayden, I'll fix it, just give me a minute. I know "uh oh".

Me in the background:


Hayden: UH OH!! (While following Mark around the yard with the broken off deer stand.)

Me: (Laughing hysterically)

Silence for about 2 minutes.

Me: UH OH!!

Hayden: UH OH!! UH OH!! (while following Mark around the yard)

Mark: !@#$%^*


Shelley said...

hahahahahahahah.... Uh-oh!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! That is great! Sorry you had to suffer a bit, Marky Mark, but man I laughed my butt off. ;)