Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Carnage

It's over.

My kids have way too many toys.

What do I do with it all?

Things they don't need.

We have so much already.

To be free of it all.

To be able to watch him love only a few cherished toys.

To simplify.

To detox from the materialism of it all.

Losing the "desire" and craving for things.

Gaining the desire for "the things of God".

The hate of money.

What have we done to Christmas?


Robyn said...

Evan got lots of stuff too... fortunately a lot of it was clothes, which are useful. And since we don't buy him a lot of toys anyway, it's not as bad as it could be. My plan is to box up some of it and put it away for a while, then switch out toys when the current ones seem to be getting old, and then switch again when those get old, and so on so that things seem new again and we never have all of the toys scattered all over the house.

Merae said...

Have I told you how special you are and what a wonderful person you are? You are a wonderful parent. Robyn, you too, if you read this. I think that is a wonderful idea that you are doing with the toys.