Friday, December 19, 2008

Less than Perfect

Today Hayden helped me sort clothes before I did laundry. But first, I had to get over my perfectionist ways.

He may not have put the clothes exactly on the pile.
He may not have understood the difference between the "whites to be bleached" pile and the normal "whites".
And he may have wanted to "sort" the already sorted clothes piles.

But the look of satisfaction on his little face after he "helped" was worth the imperfection of the process.

If I can just learn to let go and that he won't do it "exactly" like I show him, I will really be able to enjoy this age.

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T-Bone said...

Definately make time to let him help you! It will take him a few times, but you will be amazed at what he will pick up on! And teaching independence at an early age is SOOO important. Better he learn to sort laundry now, than you sorting it when he is a senior in high school!