Sunday, January 4, 2009

Five Minutes...All To Myself

Oh my goodness! Was that blur of lights, packages, and sweet treats Christmas? Cause I think I blinked and missed it.

Is it really January 2009? Noooo, it can't be!

Did anyone else gain 8 whole lbs over Christmas? Anyone? No? Just me? I was shoveling in those Christmas cookies like a chipmunk on crack.

My house is quiet for the first time in 2 weeks. Out of town family has gone back out of town. Kids are down for a nap. Husband is getting a haircut. I finally get to blog and sip some raspberry leaf tea.

It's the first week of the month again...ugh. If you don't know what ugh means, well I'm glad you're not THAT in tune with my life, cause then you must be like my BFF or a dedicated reader.

My kitchen is getting remodeled this week (i think). I still haven't removed all my crap from the entire half of my house. Since we're tiling the kitchen, dining, utility, and entry - that means I'm way behind on getting ready.

Hayden, Corbin, and I will be living in a scaled down version of the house soon. Only Hayden's room, the bathroom, and our bedroom will be accessible while the house is "Under Construction". No stove, no microwave, no TV. I bought a portable electric burner to use during this time. I need to create our "new house" in those 3 rooms today or tomorrow.

I'm actually very excited to try out this scaled down version of us. I think it will give me time to read my enormous stack of magazines, detox Hayden from Xmas TV overdose, and spend quality time with Corbin. Less to keep clean and organized, and less to distract me. I can't wait. Maybe we can all benefit from this.

Did I mention I'm getting a new kitchen? YAY!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, it's a new year. I guess this is my time to post about resolutions...but...I don't do resolutions. I'm a horrible resolution keeper. Never kept a resolution in my LIFE, and probably am not going to start now.

But like last year, I do do New Year's themes. Last years theme was Right Now. I've though long and hard about this and my theme this year is Held.

We are all Held in God's hands. He created us. He protects us. He has saved us from ourselves. He sees every minute of every day. He knows the path He has chosen for us. Why do I try and carve out my own path, when I know He has already made one for me? And His path is so much more wonderful than anything I could have created. Why do I not look to Him for guidance on the smaller things of my life? I trust Him with my family and health, but not my daily struggles? He is there listening and wanting to guide me if I would just look to him and not myself. He has grand plans and miracles waiting for me, if I would only trust in Him.

So this year I will be Held. His life, not mine. His will, not mine. His time, not mine. His world, not mine.

And now for five minutes...all to myself.


Amanda H. said...

I love your theme for this year...hope your current 5 minutes to yourself if super relaxing and peaceful!

Shelley said...

Great theme! One that speaks my heart as well. :) Thanks for a fun 2008...I'm Really LOOKING FORWARD to what you'll blog in 2009! Yay!