Friday, January 9, 2009

End of a Long Week

Highlights from this week:

  • Hayden's new infatuation with kissing (even the TV got some love)
  • Finally painting my toes and shaving my legs (lower body check! How do your toes look girls?!)
  • Hayden waking up with a massively dirty diaper 30 minutes before ECI was supposed to get here
  • Corbin finally learning how to grab the fish on his swing and make the music play! Go baby boy!
  • Only drinking 1-2 sodas a day (down from about 4-6)
  • Having our first "scaled down" day and survived
  • Making tea in my bathroom
  • Serving dinner and heading to the bathroom, Mark asks "Where are you going?", I respond, "To get the paper plates!"
  • Hayden's toe nail is falling off from a massive door opening collision - ewwwww!
  • My new head standing kid - every 2 minutes Hayden is trying to do a head stand.
  • Corbin finally got a bath - Stinkers is now squeaky clean
  • Experience an awesome group night and discussion
  • Enjoying the wind chimes on my porch that I got for Christmas (I got my own white elephant gift wooot!)
  • Experiencing 3 days with contaminated water. We can stop boiling our water at 5pm today!!! Our pastor is in India right now and water was one of the issues they have to deal with, so in a small way I'm right there with ya Brady!
  • Actually creating something - I haven't gotten to be creative in a LONG time. It feels good to do something that's not just about being a mommy.
  • I got in a few hot showers!! And one bubble bath (that Hayden crashed). I got use my way awesome bath pillow (but I inflated it too much and it was a bit large, haha)
  • Hayden started using the words "Help", "Up", "Open" and "Mama" functionally.
  • I lost 2 of my holiday pounds.
  • Corbin's constipation ends (for this week) in a crazy diaper explosion. That boy needs some fiber or something.
  • I get my kitchen cabinets cleared out.
  • We finally get a date for the demolition and installation (next Wednesday) of our kitchen.
  • Hayden is in training for becoming a pack mule. First he helps me haul the kitchen stuff upstairs, right now he's bringing ALL of the water bottles in the kitchen to the living room.


Gail said...

I didn't know there was a fish that was meant to be pulled,lol

We are buying that swing today used :) ,in exchange for the swing we have.

Just Me said...

Actually, that's a different swing. We have a smaller swing (the same one they use in the nursery) that Corbin's been using lately.

Gail said...

I don't think I have ever noticed that one at church or your house,lol.

I got awful sell/exchange/buy rates from Kid2Kid, but I was desperate, so did it anyways.