Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So What Do You Do With Them?

Boy is that ever a question I ponder! Some days I really don't know what to do with my kids who are very DIFFERENT ages and both want Mommy time (at the same time of course).

I've found a few things though, so I'm going to share those - and maybe you could share yours?

  • Recently, I've found that Corbin LOVES to be up high in the high chair watching all the action. I set out 2 toys for him to play with and he's happy. He usually doesn't even play with the toys because he's so busy watching Hayden and I run around. It's a view he doesn't usually have, so he really likes being able to see everything.
  • I also took advantage of sibling rivalry and used it to occupy Hayden. Once Corbin starts to get tired of the high chair (which is usually signaling naptime), Hayden wants up in the chair too! So I put Hayden up there with some playdoh.
  • A trick I've learned with the playdoh - I put 4 containers of playdoh in a plastic bin with a folding lid. He then spends time opening the bin, pulling out all the playdoh and any playdoh "utensils" I've thrown in there (like plastic toddler forks or cookie cutters). Then he might put them all back in. Eventually he'll say "Open" or lately "apple" (don't ask) and want the lids off the containers. I only open the one he shows me. So he plays with that for awhile, then asks for the next and so on. Then he plays with the playdoh. I've instantly added an extra 15 minutes! (I'm usually doing dishes during all this high chair time).
  • A good "supervised" activity is the piggy bank. I pull out a bunch of coins and let Hayden put them all back in. I say supervised because if you don't watch out he'll be sticking coins in all kinds of places (think VCR, random holes, etc)
  • Corbin is really into just rolling around on the floor right now, so he's pretty well entertained. I've also limited his toys to just 3 items. So he's busy exploring all that those 3 toys can do. Right now he has a stuffed crab toy (actually a bath toy, but we just use it for a toy) that makes bubble noises, a sun that plays classical music, and a Bee that has crackly wings and lots of places to push to get music/feedback.
  • Corbin also enjoys it when you make funny faces at him or play peek-a-boo or clapping songs. He particularly enjoys watching you chew gum - he tries to copy the chewing motion, HA!
Anywho, those are just a few of ours. What do you do?

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Gail said...

Lately, I get the heck out of dodge,lol. Both Roland and I seem happier outside, seeing the world: be it a walk, the library, the store, somewhere, anywhere,lol. He loves to get out, and then when we get back, he seems to sleep so much better.

I learned a lesson from watching Dan with Roland too. I guess I rush through the more mundane things like changing a diaper or getting dressed. Where as this seems to be a 30 minute affair for the 2 of them. So I am starting to slow down and find ways to enjoy even the basics.