Monday, January 5, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Cuteness

Things I need to get done this week:

- Remove all the dishes from my cabinets
- Clean out my pantry
- Move all my cookbooks upstairs
- Survive my period
- Give Corbin a bath, he's cute, but stinky
- Clear off my dining room table. I hate tables with stuff all over them, and mine is like that 24/7
- Stop drinking so many sodas
- Stay away from sweets!!!
- Catch up on my stack of magazines
- Play WoW!
- Stay warm

How about you?


Shelley said...

- prepare for sunday and all that it entails
- hem 4 pairs of pants so that my wardrobe will be considerably more diverse!
- do laundry (won't have to if I hem those pants)
- grocery shop (non-negotiable)
- go to bed earlier so getting up at 5:30 to exercise won't be a "chore"
- do a major hard drive dump to the external I can work even faster (sarcastic Yay!)
- ditto on your last one..what happen to our "Texas Winter"?

Robyn said...

Me too on the tables with stuff on them! And yes, ours looks like a horizontal filing cabinet, but worse. Ugh.

- Get stuff rearranged to make room for our new armoire and make sure I have help to get it unloaded when it's delivered
- Start on sewing my Christmas tree skirt
- Get the house clean for community group
- Probably take down the Christmas tree and decorations this weekend
- Give Evan a bath
- Come up with a snack for CG
- Figure out what I'm forgetting to put on this list!

Andy and Claire Harvey said...

Well let's see
- Get more sleep...Savannah has cut two teeth and she is not happy
- Get my girls ready to win there basketball game on Thursday
- Work on Savannah's scrapbook which I have been putting off
- Stop drinking so many sodas
- Work out at least four times this week
- Stay away from sweets
- Dust our bedroom and get the picture frames put up.

Wow I know I have more than that but really!!!

Amanda H. said...

Well, I am actually quite proud of myself for being productive yesterday so a big chunk of my list already got done...but there is always stuff to do!!

-Clean kitchen
-Identify all items in kitchen with high fructose corn syrup and purge them
-Work on the budget for the month
-Work on taxes/w-2s/1099s for my job
-Follow my reading plan -- or should I say start my reading plan to read the Bible in 90+ days
-Finish cleaning out the guest bedroom closet
-Paint the new shutters and put them up

Okay...that is all for now. :)